The spark that started the Wok&Go flame was a simple one: a love of the taste, aromas and overall experience of Asian dining in New York City.

The idea behind Wok&Go is simple. We take the name seriously (and literally!).

It’s all about fresh, tasty food cooked to order in minutes. Wok&Go is fast food, but not as you know it.

We first fired up the woks in Chester in 2008.

Our hearty noodle boxes, packed full with Far East flavours made us pretty popular.

It wasn’t long before we were opening more and more stores.

Today you’ll find us across the North West, Yorkshire, Midlands and South East with our sizzling woks at the ready to bring you a taste of Asia.




Our menu takes the best from Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese cuisine to create delicious dishes that keep our customers coming back for more.

Our stores are inspired by the noodle bars of NYC, where you can quickly slurp up noodles at high tables, or box up and takeaway.

A perfect balance of East meets West.



We give you total freedom when it comes to ordering.

Create your own noodle box from scratch choosing your favourite ingredients, or take one of our classic boxes and mix it up to get it just right.

Want to try different noodles or rice? Not keen on a particular filling?

Like it extra spicy? No problem!

Just let us know when ordering and our chefs will do the rest.

our promise


At Wok&Go, we never cook your order until you actually order!

No boxes of ready-made food sitting around for ages.

And we’re sure you’ll appreciate our generous portions.

Experience Wok&Go for yourself.

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